Main Stage Performance

Circus Dynamics offers a fast paced, audience interactive, and highly technically skilled circus variety show. Full of laughs and incredible tricks, this top quality performance is non-stop energy and excitement. Audience members may be surprised when they get called up on stage and become part of the show! From town fairs, to college performances, to street shows, the Circus Dynamics main-stage circus variety show will wow audiences of any size.

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Gravity defying juggling

Thousands of hours of dedicated practice are concentrated into an incredibly highly skilled routine. Maurice juggles as many as 6 objects at once in this jaw dropping juggling performance. You'll get lost in a kaleidoscope of high flying patterns as Maurice toys with gravity.

Mesmerizing Hoop Dance

Acacia dazzles audiences of all ages with her graceful hoop routine. She seems to bend physics as she effortlessly manipulates the hoop both on and off her body. Choreographed dance combined with amazingly difficult tricks, audiences go wild to see things they didn't think possible with a hoop.

Fun and Fast Paced Variety Show

This 20-40 minute circus variety performance also showcases hat tricks, knife juggling, poi and flag spinning, acro-balance, mini hoop isolation, and more all combined with hilarious audience participation and sideshow stunts! With new combinations of props and original tricks, this show is one of a kind.